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Why should I join IPR License?

If you join IPR License you will be able to register up to 5 titles (for additional manuscripts there is a small admin charge) and make a preview available for publishers and agents to view. Publishers and agents can search for the category and subject areas they are looking to fill and, if your work is suitable, read the preview and contact you, if interested, to ask to see more and possibly make you an offer.

If you wish to register your copyright we will store the full manuscript for you and provide a unique reference code and a record of the day you uploaded it so that if you ever find yourself in dispute over the copyright of your work you have third party evidence of the date you completed it.

Is IPR License a Publisher?

IPR License is a platform that helps you make your work available to attract publishing interest. It is not a publisher and as a result we can't directly publish your book. However, by putting your book on our site you're increasing your chances of getting spotted by a publishing professional.

What do you mean when you talk about Rights?

In publishing, before you get to the point of seeing your book in print you need to sell the Rights to publish your book.

When a publisher offers an author a deal they will often try to secure World Rights so that they can sell the Rights on to publishers around the world - both to help cover their costs and to help the book achieve international success - a local publisher is going to be able to publish the book more successfully for their own market.

What Rights could a publisher buy?

There are a huge variety of Rights that publishers trade in - for example:


Digital (ebook, enhanced ebook and, sometimes, App)

First Serialisation (usually sold to newspapers/magazines to generate press)

Second Serialisation (usually sold to newspapers/magazines to generate press)

TV, Film and Dramatisation


Radio and TV straight reading

Book Club (when books are sold through companies like Book People or Scholastic Book Fairs)


Large Print

Anthology and Quotation

Will I definitely get a publishing deal?

We can't guarantee you'll get a deal because so much depends on the quality of your work and what the current market trends are. What joining IPR License does is create a middle ground between traditional publishing practices and the increased move towards digitising business. If you believe in your work then joining IPR License is an extra way to help you reach your publishing goals.

What happens if I get a publishing deal through the site?

That will depend on the agreement you make with the publisher but we can answer any specific questions when it happens. In general, you'd move the Rights in your book that the publisher buys from your account and assign them to the publisher's account. If they've bought all Rights world wide then you'll be listed as the author but they will become the rights holder. However, if they only buy some of the Rights then you'll maintain responsibility for the rest through your account.

I'm self published - is there any point in me joining?

Yes! As an individual you may find you have local success but what about translation or an audio edition? By including your work on IPR License you open up those opportunities - and, given the changing attitude of trade publishing to the self publishing process recently, you may even secure a traditional publishing deal locally.

I've signed a deal with a self publishing company - will joining IPR License cause me problems?

In our experience most self publishing services such as CreateSpace or Smashwords will offer a non-exclusive deal which means you are free to look at other options - if you did get an offer from a publisher they may ask you end your contract with those services but that's something for you to consider when it happens. You'll need to read the documentation/terms and conditions of whichever service you've signed up with to check that the terms specified are non-exclusive.

How do you get copyright for your work?

Copyright is automatically granted to your work once it's written - it's wise to show you're aware of copyright by including © Your Name (year of completion) at the beginning of your manuscript but otherwise you don't need to do anything.

Having said that, in the digital age copyright infringement is an ever growing problem. By registering your copyright with IPR License you are creating 3rd party evidence of the date your work was completed (if a dispute ever arose it wouldn't just be your word against theirs) and you are making it easy for anyone who wanted permission to use your work to contact you, helping to protect you against infringement.

How do I register with IPR License?

Go to the Registration page (located on the tab in the top right corner) and enter your details to create your account. You'll then need to pay the membership fee via PayPal.

Once we have confirmation of your payment your account will be activated in our system - we'll let you know by email when this has happened.

What do I do once I've registered?

When your account is active you can go to Manage My Account to edit your profile, and the Add New Rights tab to fill in the information about your work.

If your manuscript is unpublished:

The only information you will need to add will be the Title, Author, Description and the Book Rights Available information. Unless there are any formats you especially don't want a deal for, you can just tick 'check all' on all three menus and then click 'Add Rights'.

If your manuscript is self-published:

Fill in as much detail as you can about your book. You can decide whether you'd like a local publisher to consider taking over publication of your book (in which case, if you got a deal, they'd expect you to stop selling your edition) or if you're only looking for translation/foreign/audio deals - you can indicate this by selecting the Rights you wish to sell from the drop down menus in the Book Rights Available section. If you've had success selling your self-published edition then it's worth mentioning this in the notes section.

If your manuscript is published:

You will need to check your contact. If you've sold world Rights in all formats to a publisher then they will be responsible for uploading your book as part of their account. However, if you've only sold them limited Rights (UK and Commonwealth for example) and you don't have an agent who is selling the remaining Rights then you can register the Rights you own and try to attract a deal.

How do I upload my preview?

When you've filled in the relevant information you need to upload the preview. There's a box for this below the Book Rights Available information. If you're using a recent version of Word then you can copy and paste the first three chapters into a new document, click Save As and then at the bottom of the pop up box that appears where it says 'Save as type' you should find an option for PDF. This can be uploaded as the preview.

If you don't have that option in Word then it's possible to download a free PDF converter such as CutePDF which will enable you to do this.

How do I upload my manuscript for copyright registration?

To register the copyright for your manuscript, you'll need to upload the full Word document. The option for this is a little lower down the Add New Rights page below the box for uploading your preview. Once the manuscript has been uploaded, you'll receive an email with a unique registration code and the date of registration. Keep this in a safe place as you'll need it should you ever need us to retrieve your manuscript for you.

How much of my work is made public through the site?

None of your work will be public. Only members of our site can view the preview of your work. We suggest a preview of three chapters but you can choose how much to make available. This is not obligatory but a publisher is unlikely to contact you if they haven't been able to read a sample of your work.

If you submit the full manuscript for copyright registration then the manuscript will be held on our server and is not available for anyone to view - it will only be retrieved from our system on your instruction if you ever need to provide evidence of copyright.

What happens at the end of my year's membership?

You can choose to renew your membership - either for full use of the site or just for copyright registration. We will contact you in advance of your membership running out to advise you of the renewal options.

If you no longer wish to use the service you can contact us to delete your profile and manuscripts. We will not store your work once you've asked us to delete it.

What does IPR License stand for?

IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights. Your work is your Intellectual Property (IP) - it was created by you and is protected by copyright. In the world of publishing, while you will (except in rare circumstances) always own the copyright, it is possible for you to license the Rights for a publisher to publish your work in a given format and territory - they will usually offer you an advance against royalties in payment for these rights... Hence: IPR License.

Who are IPR License?

IPR License launched at the start of 2012 and we have major national and international plans.

Our management team have over 40 years experience in licensing intellectual property www.iprconnections.com.

Managing Director Tom Chalmers has set-up a number of successful start-ups since 2005 and been shortlisted for a range of business and publishing awards.

Hannah Sheppard, Creative Director and who runs the service for Content Creators, has worked in trade publishing for ten years at both Macmillan Children's Books and Headline Publishing Group.

As well as a wealth of industry experience, IPR License is also a regular at the major international trade fairs, such as London, Frankfurt and Bologna. You can find out more about us here.


If at any point you have any questions feel free to contact us! at info@iprlicense.com

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